1. Massive Metal Warrior 1:37
  2. Sabretooth 1:48
  3. Metal 2:13
  4. Bombtrack 3:04
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New Music

Refusing to be your typical mixtape DJ, this mix is completely hosted by Tre Cinco, with sounds only by DJ Deja Louco.

No sirens. No bombs. No loud ass DJs yelling over perfectly good tracks. Just all of your #Summer17 bangers perfectly crafted into one 30-minute playlist-type mix.


Deja Louco Mask Off Cover Art

Mask Off Mixxx

DejaLouco Spotify Vibe Right

Vibe Right


Tour Dates

No upcoming event scheduled

A Lil About Me


Who the fuck is DJ Deja Louco?

Short version? An over-passionate, twenty-something-year-old hustler just out here trying to live my best life. Long version? A traveling hip-hop & house DJ, musician, producer, YouTuber, exotic dancer, adult film star, event host, promoter, web and graphic designer, video post-production freelancer and third-year law student. Remember when you were little your parents told you that you can do anything if you took your mind to it? Well I believed them!

What the hell do you do?

Whatever I wake up and decide to do that day. It’s a beautiful thing.

Where you from?

I’m not from anywhere. Out of 12 years of grade school, I went to 15 schools. In my 7 years of college, I’ve been to 5 colleges. I’ve lived in over 12 states and 15 cities in 2 countries, most before my 18th birthday. Depending on who I’m talking to and how hard I need to be, I tell people I’m from either Detroit or Orlando.

Where you stay at?

I pay bills in Las Vegas & Detroit right now.

Why am I here?

Either because I’m dope and you wanted to know more about me or your man added me on IG and you’re here for due diligence. Either way, welcome babe!

Where can I find you?

Ever since Snapchat committed suicide with its redesign, Instagram is where I live. I don’t have a personal Facebook and I rarely look at my Facebook business page. I’m only on Twitter long to enough to rant about the day’s trending topic and get off. I only hop on Tumblr when I’m feeling freaky. So if you’re looking for me, comment on my IG or catch me live on cam most nights and early mornings!


Ready to book? Send me the details!

Available for hosting, disc jockey, promotion & modeling. Please include specific details with your inquiry. Deposit is always required.

PO Box 40041
Redford, MI 48240
Email: booking@dejalouco.com
Phone: (323)813-6045

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